Light Years- “Temporary”

"Seems you left me hanging by a thread. Are you running? Wrapped it nice and tight around my neck. Don’t cut me down. I see you in the corner of my eye, out of reach, but not yet out of sight. You’re like the Winter, the way you make me freeze. Drain the color out of all my leaves. This December, it got the best of me. Everything is temporary. I keep my fingers crossed behind my back because a promise is easier to break than to keep in tact. I have my doubts I’ll ever get to see the sky again, and that doesn’t bother me a bit.”


POZ Review: Light Years - Temporary



by Ali Killian, edited by Erik van Rheenen

In this resurgence of pop-punk popularity, so many band names are thrown around it’s hard to keep track sometimes. Monikers such as The Story So Far, Handguns and Gnarwolves began clogging up my Facebook feed all at once, thanks to friends constantly gushing over them. Like many, I imagine, I wanted to delve into this generation of pop-punk, but was so overwhelmed with options I didn’t know where to start. Hell, even though I’ve listened to the entire Spotify discographies of two out of those three bands multiple times (Gnarwolves is still on my to-listen-to list) — and I liked what I heard — I still don’t know their music well enough to sing along at shows. Or, in some cases, I’m not able to tell Pop-Punk band A apart from Pop-Punk band B without spending countless free days I don’t have studying their nuanced differences.

Music from different bands can start to sound the same in mass quantities, pop-punk or not. Thanks to past experience, I figured it would be the same with Light Years. And at first, it was. Listening to 2012’s Just Between Us… and 2013’s I Won’t Hold This Against You, Light Years sounded to me very, very similar to old-school pop-punk greats like New Found Glory and blink-182, especially with how damn catchy the Ohio quartet’s music is.

However, with its new EP, Light Years has definitively broken away from its influences and contemporaries. Temporary showcases Pat Kennedy’s fully fleshed-out vocal identity, whole and polished, delivering thoughtful lyrics amidst individually distinguishable instrumentals slung from guitarist Andrew Foerst, bassist Tommy Englert and drummer Kent Sliney. Each instrument’s role is well defined and well executed, making Temporary easy to digest without sacrificing quality in craftsmanship. While each song produces one large sound, the focus is not on the whole but on the interaction between the parts – shout out to pop-punk production master Will Yip (Braid, La Dispute, Tigers Jaw).

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I am currently freaking out to my friend Mallorie via text about Light Years new EPTemporary.

(Listen to it HERE. Pre-order it HERE.)

Let me tell it to you straight, Light Years is not just “another pop punk band”. Their lyrics are proof enough of that. Imagine if blink-182 and The…

Hey.  This is great.  Thank you for “getting it”